Buxus sempervirens ball in a Planter

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Special plant combinations for your patio - boxtree forms in high-quality plastic plant pots for an elegant design of outdoor areas.

As a pot plant, boxtree makes a good figure. The current trends are slim planters with boxtree balls. Pots and plants, can stay during winter outdoors, packed with fleece or straw mats as protection against the winter sun . Do not forget watering the boxtrees at frost-free days. Even in winter all plants needs being watered. boxtree cutted , in pots or in ground ,needs regularly getting mineral slow-release fertilizer, to tolerate a frequent pruning. If nutrients are to less, deficiency symptoms occur on, like yellow leaves.

The planters are offered in different sizes, shapes and colors. All shown plant combinations are changeable. Just ask the desired combination per e-mail.

boxtree plant - ball various sizes

Glass-reinforced plastic planting vessel BC Designline "CUBE"

Colours: anthrazit 



Planter LxBxH

Buxus in various forms

150 cm x 50 cm x 50cm, anthrazitBuxus semp. Kugel Ø40cm - 45 cm
260 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm, anthrazitBuxus semp. Kugel Ø45cm - 50 cm
380 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, anthrazitBuxus semp. Kugel Ø70 cm - 80 cm


Minimum order quantity: 2 planter combination

4-5 planter combinations per pallet

Buxus sempervirens ball in a Planter
Buxus sempervirens ball in a Planter
Buxus sempervirens ball in a Planter
Buxus sempervirens ball in a Planter

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