Ficus panda stem extra

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The figs, into Latin ficus are a type of tropical climbing plants, shrubs and trees from the family of the Maulbeergewächse, in Latin Moraceae.

The probably best known representative is the real fig, also ficus carica, because her fruits are known as figs. This very big type exists of from about 750 to 900 kinds of evergreen trees, shrubs or also climbing plants. The ficus plants are resident worldwide in tropical and semitropical regions. Some kinds are used because of her decorative sheets or as a shadow donator in parks and gardens as ornamental plants. In areas have the frost, these plants are used successfully in the interior planting of grass and are for a long time popular indoor plants.

The ficus panda, a rare representative of the ficus trees in the inside planting of grass, is slow-growing and compact. The sheets are dark green, meaty-thick and egg-shaped. This ficus kind is very robust and easy-care. The claims develop like with the usual ficus benjamina.

Light: brightly to half-shady
Temperature areas: from 14°C to 28°C
Aerial dampness: drily to humid
Cultural areas: - Foyers, reception rooms - Restaurants and hotel arrangements for the inside area as a tub plant - Offices, high-capacity offices

The following dimensions are available:

Container: 90 cm
Whole height: 150 cm

Container: 110 cm
Whole height: 280 cm
Ficus panda stem extra
Ficus panda stem extra
Ficus panda stem extra

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