Kentia howea forsteriana in a Planter

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A kentia tree is one of the best suggestions for interior decoration as its bold appearance will attract attention. Elegant and airy, it will add a tropical note in any room plus a sense of elegance. It is ideal for use in both homes and office spaces. Kentia has a thin basic trunk with long thin stems. Palm airy leaves are on top of the stems. Its development is rather slow, so it can stay in the same pot for a long time. Although kentias are rather expensive to get, they are one of the hardiest and easily adaptable indoor plants.  

Kentias do not stand direct sunlight. Although they can easily grow in spaces with less light, they will not survive spots with no natural light. Their development is slow but if they are in a room with lots of natural light (filtered light), then their development will be enhanced and their shape will get more compact. The ideal orientation for plants is next to a north or east window. A little direct sunlight in winter will not harm your plant, but do not let the plant get any direct sunlight during the hot summer months because its leaves will get sunburned.

Also avoid exposing the plant to cold drafts or very low temperatures because the leaves will also get burned. Do not let kentia leaves/fronts touch windows during the night if the outside temperature is very low. And never use leaf polishing sprays on kentias. Some of the ingredients contained into such sprays are very harmful to kentias and the leaves will die. Like all palms, kentias can not be pruned. Their shape and way of development does not allow any pruning.

The size of a mature kentia is amazing. They can easily reach or exceed 2 meters in height although their lower leaves/stems hardly reach 1 meter. The space a mature plant will need is much bigger since their stems lean around the plant. So place kentias in corners or isolated spots you want to make look better or hide the background. Also, when you choose a spot, make an effort to avoid high traffic areas so that passerby's do not touch the plant all the time. Before watering, always check the surface of the soil. The amount and frequency of watering varies according to seasons and conditions such as temperature and humidity. If you feel the soil being moist, do not water. Water only if the soil feels dry to the touch.  

Kentia howea forsteriana

Size: 170 cm

Planter Keramic 

Size: 45 x 45 cm

Height: 90 cm

total height: 220-240 cm

Kentia howea forsteriana in a Planter
Kentia howea forsteriana in a Planter
Kentia howea forsteriana in a Planter

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