Kusamaki / Southern Yew

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Yews exist in a multitude of species in the tropical mountains. The distribution area extends from south of Chile and New Zealand, in the North up to Japan and Mexico.

All species are not hardy in Central Europe. On the British Islands several kinds are being cultivated and there they can be found in gardens and parks.

Some species are suitable as indoor plants and are even relatively sturdy. They are quite expensive and to date they are rarely offered for sale.

For indoor greening Podocarpus macrophylla proves to be a very sturdy ornamental plant.

The natural wild shape and the dark green of the leaves give a lovely contrast to a functional environment. With age the wood takes on a rather bizarre appearance.

In container cultivation this plant is inhibited from growing naturally and develops relatively slow. The Southern Yew can be pruned back easily.

Light: half shade to sunny
Temperature: 3°C to 28°C
Humidity: dry to moist
Planted with water level indicator
Height: 220 cm to 240 cm

High-grade steel pillar
Shape: round
Diameter: 36 cm
Height: 75 cm


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