Phoenix canariensis XXL - Canary Islands Date Palm

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Massive and imposing, the Canary Island date palm is the center of attention wherever it is planted. Growing up to 60' tall, the thick, hulking trunk is covered with interesting diamond designs that mark the point of attachment of the leaves. The massive trunk supports a huge crown of over 50 huge arching pinnate leaves that may reach 18' long. These leaves are deep green shading to a yellow stem where the leaflets are replaced by vicious spines. 
This palm is very slow growing when young. Once the trunk reaches it's full diameter the growth rate increases. Fertilize in spring and summer. It is tolerant of most well drained soils.

Height: 550 cm
Trunk: 80 cm
Container: 120 cm 

Stammheight: from 450 cm - 500 cm

Total-Height: + ~250 cm

from 2,5 to bis zu 3,5


Order: minimum 27 trunk-meter

Phoenix canariensis XXL - Canary Islands Date Palm
Phoenix canariensis XXL - Canary Islands Date Palm

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