Pinus parviflora - Bonsai

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The Pinus parviflora with its stairlike shape can reach 6 m in height. This plant tolerates shade well, is hardy and therefore fit for the outside. Its slow growth turns this Pinus into a high-grade styled plant. Cultivation of pines is uncomplicated, but care should be taken to avoid excessive watering, because pines don't like overly wet soil. Repotting should take place in autumn, in the middle of September, because that is the time when it develops its roots. Planting outside is best done in spring.

Light: dappled shade to full sun

Temperature: hardy

Air humidity: dry to moist

Cultivation areas: Parks, shopping malls- outdoor etc.

Height: 300 cm
Widht: 180 cm
Container: 1000 l

Pinus parviflora -  Bonsai
Pinus parviflora -  Bonsai
Pinus parviflora -  Bonsai

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