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The proverbial balcony box presents an entirely new aesthetic and technical profile: whether on railings, on half-height terrace walls or parapets - its characteristic shape defines surfaces and rooms.

These planters are beautiful and robust. They are made of the technically sophisticated composite material Stonefiber - a mixture of polyester resin and ground stone, in which additionally inserted strands of fibreglass achieve an unusually high degree of stability. On the one hand, the pots fascinate with their high-quality mineral look, which develops a natural grey patina after a few months in the black models.

On the other hand, Stonefiber is shock and frost resistant. The pots can, therefore, survive minor falls, the overturning in storms and wintering outdoors usually without damage. In direct comparison to stone or clay pots, they score points because of the lower material thickness with a significantly reduced weight, which makes them easier to handle. With planters & plant pots, a new light-heartedness on the patio, balcony or windowsill is thus gaining ground in addition to geometrically precise shapes.

On the window sill or sideboard, the extended design is also a striking design feature indoors. It can be used in a variety of ways and offers sufficient volume for single or double-row planting. Besides, you can also place several loose plants in clay or plastic pots to prevent them tipping over: In this way, they are given a beautiful dress - and can be rearranged as desired in no time at all!

Since the stone fibre material can be drilled into as needed without any problems, you can use the planter box with the usual holders and fasteners. However, when mounting it on the balcony railing, you should do your neighbours and yourself a favour: Please install the boxes inwards and not on the façade side! In this way, they will not become a dangerous flying object "in case of a fall". Furthermore, the excess water will not drip down to the lower floors.

The following sizes are available:


ModellSize outsideColor
Numberin mm 
1600 x 170 x 150black
2800 x 170 x 150black
31000 x 170 x 150black



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