Plastic Planter S.L.A. 'SQUARE'

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By decorating your surroundings with planters, you are following along cultural and historical tradition. Egyptians, Sumerians and Greeks are considered to be the pioneers of the cultural history of potted plants: Ancient stone portraits of trees and shrubs in vases or plant pots, as well as the legendary traditions of the hanging gardens of Semiramis and the Adonis gardens, are the proof.

Not to forget Japan, where bonsai art made large open-air plants suitable for rooms. In the Middle Ages, exotic plants came to our latitudes as a result of conquests and voyages of discovery and were nurtured and cared for in vessels - in this way, and the plants could be quickly brought to warmth in winter. Many stately orangeries are still impressive buildings in their style and testify to this early love of potted plants.

These planters are beautiful and robust. They are made of the technically sophisticated composite material Stonefiber - a mixture of polyester resin and ground stone, in which additionally inserted strands of fibreglass achieve an unusually high degree of stability. On the one hand, the pots fascinate with their high-quality mineral look, which develops a natural grey patina after a few months in the black models.

On the other hand, Stonefiber is shock and frost resistant. The pots can, therefore, survive minor falls, the overturning in storms and wintering outdoors usually without damage. In direct comparison to stone or clay pots, they score points because of the lower material thickness with a significantly reduced weight, which makes them easier to handle. With planters & plant pots, a new light-heartedness is thus introduced on the terrace, balcony or windowsill in addition to a geometrically clear design language - and thus ensures a good piece of pot gardener's luck!

An essential difference between the flower pot and the gardener in beds is that each container sets a creative accent in its surroundings and interacts with them.

In addition to the fundamental question of whether you want to fill your plant pots with annual, biennial or hardy plants, all formal design options are open to you in view of our full range of products: Think in terms of colour, shape, area, height, volume, the density of flowers and leaves! Combine several pots with individual plants! Or use a large plant pot for imaginative arrangements of tall-growing and flat sprouting varieties! You can rely on your taste because in the end, it's what you like best that counts!

Where length, width and depth harmonise: Its symmetrical perfection makes the cube a visual exclamation point on roof terraces, patios, balconies and for borders of all kinds.
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1180 x 180 x 70schwarz
2280 x 280 x 90schwarz
3350 x 350 x 110schwarz
4420 x 420 x 130schwarz



Plastic Planter S.L.A. SQUARE
Plastic Planter S.L.A. SQUARE

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