Plastik Planter Ecoline

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Products description

A high-quality design planter is particularly suitable for individual plants.

Plastic containers can cleverly hide their rollers.
Available in subtle white aluminium, metallic Strato silver, intense cobalt blue as unique colours or other classic colours.

Surcharge for painting with a selected colour:

white aluminium, strato-silver, cobalt blue

€ 10,- per vessel

Rollers are not included in the scope of delivery.

Additional rolls: 2.50€ per piece
37 cm
37 cm
29 cm
3 x
48 cm
39 cm
32 cm
4 x
60 cm
43 cm
36 cm
5 x
75 cm
48 cm
42 cm
9 x
Plastik Planter Ecoline
Plastik Planter Ecoline
Plastik Planter Ecoline

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