Terracotta Planter - Vaso Festo Bordo

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The terracotta planter - an everlasting classic of the planter and planter culture

This simple but strikingly shaped terracotta bucket is an indispensable part of many greening concepts, both for indoor and outdoor greenery with a Mediterranean touch. The traditional craftsmanship, with its timeless variations of shapes and colours, makes terracotta plant pots last for generations. By the way, this is also ensured by the robust and frost-resistant processing of the terracotta clay material according to a secret, traditional recipes.

This terracotta plant pot is ideal for indoor greenery and conservatories, but also outdoor greenery, terraces, outdoor facilities and gardens. This plant pot emphasizes the beauty of the plant with its shape and colouring. It ensures no matter where it is placed for indoor or outdoor greenery, a pleasant ambience and greenery that will delight everyone.

Shape: conical with splendid ornamentation


outside-Ø                  height

 48 cm                     38 cm
 60 cm                     47 cm

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