Yucca rostrata - Beaked Yucca

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Yucca rostrata, a native to the Chihuahuan Desert, inhabits western Texas and northern Mexico in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila. Yucca rostrata, or Beaked Yucca, is typically found growing on rocky bajadas, slopes, or ridges that are comprised of limestone gravel. Beaked Yucca is a single-trunked arborescent yucca that reaches heights of 6-15 feet. Mature plants may branch and become multi-headed.

Beaked Yucca is the feature plant in the Garden and has been planted in a large grouping at the front of the garden near the sidewalk. These impressive yuccas have done extremely well and add an elegant architectural element in the garden.

frost-roughly until -25°C

Height: 130 cm

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