Banana planters Conical

Product no.: 110-557-040

A high-quality design plant pot in a unique natural style - especially suitable for solitary plants.

Due to the exceptional natural look, this pot fits wonderfully into any design situation and conveys a sophisticated flair.

This planter consists of rolled banana leaves - very elaborately worked. This body and thus forms a robust, uniquely beautiful surface. The wide, upper rim gives a solid impression.

For optimal planting, a plastic insert should be used.

The following sizes are available:  


1.          57 cm
 78 cm
  70 cm
2.          67 cm
 93 cm
  85 cm



  • Model: Nr. 1 (+)
  • Model: Nr. 2 (+)


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Banana planters Conical
Banana planters Conical
Banana planters Conical