Bankirai wood planter

Product no.: 110-559-050

This wooden planter from Bankirai is of very high quality and can be used for outdoor and indoor use.

The wood of the tropical Bankiari tree (in Latin Shorea laevis) is very heavy and has a very good weather resistance. The wood species of class 1 dries very slowly and tends to surface cracks. But it has a high strength which is 50% higher and the weight is 30% - 40% higher than our domestic oak. It is therefore very difficult to process and requires a lot of effort. When planing, it can come to tearing because of the interlocked twist. This type of wood is very resistant to fungi and insects. The wood from the Bankirai tree is one of the most resistant woods, so that it is durable even in tropical conditions.

A special refinement of these planters with high-quality oils guarantees an even more stable colour and longer durability. Therefore you can expect these planters to last at least 35 - 40 years.


- Fastening parts made of high-quality stainless steel

- Non-visible screw connections

- Very robust planter with high quality surface

- Odourless - so can be used indoors

- Also available with rollers on request

- Available in all sizes on request



50 cm x 50 cm
50 cm
60 cm x 60 cm
55 cm
70 cm x 70 cm
70 cm
80 cm x 80 cm
80 cm
90 cm x 90 cm
90 cm
100 cm x 100 cm
100 cm
100 cm x 40 cm
60 cm
120 cm x 40 cm
75 cm
140 cm x 40 cm
75 cm



  • diameter: M2 140 cm (+)
  • diameter: M2 120 cm (+)
  • diameter: M2 100 cm (+)
  • diameter: 100 cm (+)
  • diameter: 90 cm (+)
  • diameter: 80 cm (+)
  • diameter: 70 cm (+)
  • diameter: 60 cm (+)
  • diameter: 50 cm (+)


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Bankirai wood planter
Bankirai wood planter