Ficus microcarpa ginseng in a Planter

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Ficus microcarpa, also known as Chinese Banyan, Malayan Banyan, Indian Laurel or Curtain fig, is a banyan native in the range from Sri Lanka to India, southern People's Republic of China, the Malay Archipelago, the Ryukyu Islands, Australia, and New Caledonia. F. microcarpa was widely distributed as an ornamental plant and is one of the most common street trees in warm climates. The symbiotic pollinating fig wasp, Parapristina verticillata, was introduced along with F. microcarpa. The tree is considered a major invasive species in Hawaii, Florida, and Bermuda, as well as Central and South America.  

Plant Ficus microcarpa

Size: 55 cm

Planter Polystar nature

Diametre: 28 cm

Height: 18 cm


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Ficus microcarpa ginseng in a Planter
Ficus microcarpa ginseng in a Planter