Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM

Product no.: 140-FC01-001

With this planter made of solid-coloured plastic, greenery can be optimally realised indoors and outdoors. These plant pots are manufactured in a rotation moulding process from the environmentally neutral plastic polyethene (PE).

The planter XXL URBANUM with its solid-coloured material is weatherproof, frost-proof and impact-resistant. Due to its double-walled construction, this planter has a long-term watering system. This irrigation reduces the workload of watering and fertilising intervals. This system provides optimal growth conditions for the plants due to an even and continuous supply of water and fertiliser.

The water at the bottom of the soil is transported to the plant by capillary action. This supply of water to the plant ensures optimum growth.

    Double-walled structure
    Water storage tank
    Level indicator
    Water filling the opening with a lid
    Water overflow for outdoor use
    Suction wicks for the supply of the plants

Optionally, this planter can also be equipped with castors or a steel base frame for an extra charge. Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote at

Possible colours

Unique colours at 20% extra charge: blue-mottled, green-mottled, granite-dark, granite-light, sandstone, granite-medium

Standard colours: light grey, black, terracotta, brown, white

The following sizes are available:



Numberin mm
1D500 x H400
2D600 x H450
3D700 x H310
4D700 x H450
5D900 x H450
6D900 x H560
7D1200 x H560
8D1200 x H850




  • Model: Nr. 1 (+)
  • Model: Nr. 2 (+)
  • Model: Nr. 3 (+)
  • Model: Nr.4 (+)
  • Model: Nr.5 (+)
  • Model: Nr.6 (+)
  • Model: Nr.7 (+)
  • Model: Nr.8 (+)


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Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM
Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM
Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM
Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM
Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM
Plastic Planter XXL URBANUM