Fire Bowl with feet BC Design - steel fire bowl

Product no.: 135-126-001

A fire bowl made of high-quality corten steel is an ideal heat source and mood setter for long summer evenings in your beloved garden or outdoor facilities.

Fire bowls made of Corten steel are both decorative style elements and warmth dispensers at the same time, which can be used exceptionally well in the garden. Many garden owners make their choice for such a fire bowl, which supports cosy evening hours and provides a discreet light in addition to the romantic look of the fire bowl.

In the 10,000-year-old cultural history of humankind, fire bowls also served as ritual objects originating in North Africa. The fire bowl not only presents the uniqueness, beauty and immediacy of an open fire but also brings a lasting warmth through radiation.

BotanicGroup offers you the fascination of the fire bowls in a beautiful and straightforward form made of Corten steel of top quality, high quality and handmade for a timeless design in your garden. An elegant and communicative attraction at every garden party.

The material of these fire bowls is Corten steel in a simple form. This fire bowl is optimal for permanent outdoor use.

CORTEN steel or Corten steel is a steel alloy which is characterized by high resistance to weathering. The surface of CORTEN steels is coated with a particularly dense layer of iron oxide, which is responsible for the high rust resistance: it acts as a barrier layer that prevents further access of moist ambient air and thus reduces new rust attack.

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Fire Bowl with feet BC Design - steel fire bowl
Fire Bowl with feet BC Design - steel fire bowl
Fire Bowl with feet BC Design - steel fire bowl