Plastic planter Loft LINES

Product no.: 101-119-1735

An innovative design planter made of a high-quality plastic, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor planting.

This plant pot, with its innovative mix of materials, can be used in many different ways for designing outdoor and indoor areas. New equipment, a mixture of modern fibreglass and aluminium or bronze particles, creates a unique surface appearance and gives this planter an exclusive look.

The material is resistant to UV radiation and develops a real patina over time.

These planters are lightweight, waterproof and very robust. For greening outdoor areas, drill a drain hole in the bottom of the planter.

The planter is available in two different shapes, each in two sizes. A matching plant insert can be supplied.

- The innovative material mix of glass fibre and real metal particles
- UV-resistant, as not varnished
- Develops an authentic patina over time, but cannot rust
- Waterproof, light and robust

The planters are available in the following colours:

 aluminium, bronze

The following sizes are available:



1Ø20 cm x H50 cm  3,3 Kg
2Ø24 cm x H80 cm 5,9 Kg
3Ø42 cm x H90 cm  11,7 kg
4Ø57 cm x H120 cm  15,5 kg


  • Model: Nr. 1 (+)
  • Model: Nr. 2 (+)
  • Model: Nr. 3 (+)
  • Model: Nr.4 (+)


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Plastic planter Loft LINES
Plastic planter Loft LINES
Plastic planter Loft LINES
Plastic planter Loft LINES
Plastic planter Loft LINES