NEW LOFT Planter in Bronze

Product no.: 171-015-015

The slim and tall design of the LOFT series offers the optimal solution for design projects where you do not want to do go without green elements despite a lack of space. The planter takes up very little space but still creates a powerful effect. The material used is an innovative mixture of metal particles and resin, which makes the planters very robust despite their weight of only 17 kg. Stability despite the slim design is provided by counterweights at the bottom of the planter. In addition, the LOFT planters are UV-resistant and cannot rust.

This LOFT planter is a high-quality and elegant design element, especially for interior styles such as Industrial Chic.

ModelOuter DimensionsColour
Numberin cm 
134 x 34 x 150Bronze


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NEW LOFT Planter in Bronze
NEW LOFT Planter in Bronze