Buxus sempervirens arborescens

Product no.: 13-101-125

This noble styled tree can reach an age of several hundred years. It has dark evergreen leaves, which are egg shaped to lengthy, elliptical and which appear shiny and almost leathery. The small plain blossoms unfold from March to May and the small 3-part capsules develop from August thru September. The Buxus is very hardy and loves moist and nutritious soil. It takes pruning very well, which made it for 2000 years an important cultivated plant and today it has gained great popularity in horticulture as a styled plant.

Hemisphere on trunk. 3 to 5 main trunks.

Height: 125 - 150 cm
Widht: 125 - 150 cm


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Buxus sempervirens arborescens