Aloe arborescens

Product no.: 20-101-040

Aloe arborescens care: Main period of bloom is late summer and during this time watering should be regular. Water requirement is higher than with cacti. Aloe do well when cultivated all-year at room temperature, but they may as well spend the winter at lower temperatures. Use cacti soil and fertilizer according to manual. Alternating with cacti fertilizer (Flory 4 or Gabi-cacti fertilizer) amending fertilizer (Flory 3) should be given. In spring and summer after 7 sunny days again substantial watering should be done. In case of cool winter temperatures little watering will be done every 2 to 4 weeks. At room temperature even in winter watering should be done sparingly but regularly.

Diameter: 40 cm


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Aloe arborescens