Castle Planter

Product no.: 42-105-060

The historical models for these unique planters come from the garden culture of the Palace of Versailles. A significant design element for entrances and portals. The high-quality material mix of iron and wood ensures that the pots look good for a long time. These pots are made by hand, and the colouring is available according to the RAL table.

The construction allows the plants to be transported effortlessly with a forklift truck.

The popular and traditional planting is done with citrus trees, shaped plants, palms or even olive trees. The plant pots are so heavily worked that they can hardly be damaged.

In the past, the gardeners attached importance to being able to open the sidewalls for root care. We continue this tradition. The classic orangery box captivates with stylized cones on the corners as well as with its solid steel frame.
This planter consists of a solid metal - wood construction.

The container is available in all RAL colours and from a side length of 60 cm x 60 cm.


  • diameter: 60 cm (+)
  • diameter: 80 cm (+)
  • diameter: 100 cm (+)
  • diameter: 120 cm (+)


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Castle Planter
Castle Planter
Castle Planter
Castle Planter
Castle Planter