Magnolia soulangeana - Magnolia soulangiana

Product no.: 14-166-080

Often encountered as a medium to large shrub, the saucer magnolia is one of the most dramatic deciduous flowering trees when in bloom. A prolific bloomer, its flowers are large and goblet shaped and cover the naked stems of the tree just before the leaves emerge. The flower buds are big and fuzzy and about 1 in (2 cm) long. Depending on the variety, the fragrant flowers vary in color from deepest purple to lightest pink to pure white. Some have pure white interiors with exteriors of purple to pink blending with white in various patterns. Each bloom is composed of six waxy petals in a goblet arrangement that ranges in diameter from 3 - 6 in (7.6-15 cm) when fully opened into "saucer position".  

The tree has a coarse texture in part due to its big and broad dark green leaves. These are 5-8 in (13-20 cm) long. Saucer magnolia usually has multiple stems that are covered in smooth, gray bark. Mature trees can reach as high as 30 ft (9 m) with a spread only somewhat less. Shape and form is dependent on variety.

Height: from 80 cm - 100 cm


  • Height: 80 cm - 100 cm (+)
  • Height: 100 cm - 125 cm (+)
  • Height: 125 cm - 150 cm (+)
  • Height: 150 cm - 175 cm (+)
  • Height: 175 cm - 200 cm (+)
  • Height: 200 cm - 250 cm (+)


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Magnolia soulangeana - Magnolia soulangiana
Magnolia soulangeana - Magnolia soulangiana
Magnolia soulangeana - Magnolia soulangiana