Prunus serrulata `Kanzan` - Japanese Cherry (scrub)

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Prunus serrulata, the Japanese Cherry, also called Oriental Cherry or East Asian Cherry, is a species of Japanese ornamental cherry tree in the rose family Rosaceae. The Japanese Cherry its a small tree with a short single trunk, with a dense crown reaching a height of about 8-12 m.

The smooth bark is chestnut-brown. The simple, ovate-lanceolate leaves are arranged alternately on short petioles. Their margin is serrate or doubly serrate. At the end of autumn, the green leaves turn yellow, red or crimson.

The tree is slightly less cold-hardy than Prunus avium but generally survives and blooms anywhere peach trees will survive. The Japanese Cherry starts flowering profusely from the first warmer days in April. The pink or white flowers grow in racemose clusters at nodes on short spurs. They are past flowering early in May.

The fruit is a small, black, globose drupe, growing in racemose clusters. In cultivation in Europe and North America, it is usually grafted on to Prunus avium roots; the cultivated forms rarely bear fruit. It is viewed as part of the Japanese custom of Hanami.

varieties to choose:

Prunus serrulata `Kiku-shidare-zakura`
Prunus serrulata `Kanzan`

Height: from 175 cm - 200 cm


  • Size: 300 cm - 350 cm (+)
  • Size: 250 cm - 300 cm (+)
  • Size: 200 cm - 250 cm (+)


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Prunus serrulata `Kanzan` - Japanese Cherry (scrub)
Prunus serrulata `Kanzan` - Japanese Cherry (scrub)
Prunus serrulata `Kanzan` - Japanese Cherry (scrub)