Quercus robur `Fastigiata` - Pedunculate Oak

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The Pedunculate Oak or Quercus robur (from Latin quercus, "oak" + robur "strength, hard timber") is native to most of Europe, and to Asia Minor to the Caucasus, and also to parts of North Africa.  

It is a large deciduous tree 25–35 m tall (exceptionally to 40 m), with lobed and nearly sessile (very short-stalked) leaves 7–14 cm long. Flowering takes place in mid spring, and their fruit, called acorns, ripen by autumn of the same year. The acorns are 2–2.5 cm long, pedunculate (having a peduncle or acorn-stalk, 3–7 cm long) with one to four acorns on each peduncle. It is a long-lived tree, with a large widespreading head of rugged branches. While it may naturally live to an age of a few centuries, many of the oldest trees are pollarded or coppiced, both pruning techniques that extend the tree's potential lifespan, if not its health.  

Pedunculate Oak is distinguished from this species by its leaves having only a very short stalk 3–8 mm long, and by its pendunculate acorns. The two often hybridise in the wild, the hybrid being known as Quercus × rosacea.  


Quercus robur`Fastigiata Koster`
Quercus robur `Fastigiata`

Trunk-scope: from 10 - 12 cm


  • Trunk-scope: 10 cm - 12 cm (+)
  • Trunk-scope: 12 cm - 14 cm (+)
  • Trunk-scope: 14 cm - 16 cm (+)
  • Trunk-scope: 16 cm - 18 cm (+)
  • Trunk-scope: 18 cm - 20 cm (+)
  • Trunk-scope: 20 cm - 25 cm (+)


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Quercus robur `Fastigiata` - Pedunculate Oak
Quercus robur `Fastigiata` - Pedunculate Oak