Dracaena Draco - Dragontree

Product no.: 23-108-170

This is a small species, shaped like a shrub, at the most 1 m high, mostly much smaller. Leaves are deeply cut, slim and of blue-green color. It was rediscovered just 25 years ago in the mountains of Yunnan in South West China in a height of 1800 m to 2300 m and cultivated for the first time. It has proven to be robust in cultivation. But it grows rather slowly.

Light: half shade to full sun
Temperature: from -10°C to 33°C
Humidity:dry to moist
Cultivation areas: Indoors, only in mild climate outdoors – container plant

Height: 170 cm - 180 cm
Container: 50 cm


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Dracaena Draco - Dragontree