Alu Planter Flair

Product no.: 101-127-032

Aluminium planter - with this quality of craft and a design reminiscent of classic, it captivates with its timeless elegance.

The lightness and strength of aluminium as a material is reconciled with nature through its connection to a plant. Implanted into this vessel, a well-chosen single plant will overcome this contrast through its liveliness, yieldingness and delicacy, while at the same time ensuring harmony and well-being for the observer. An interior greening in high-end quality becomes a reality.

- Unique form, top design
- Finest brushed and powder-coated aluminium
- Unique design in two different proportions
- Impressive appearance due to upper outwardly rolled edge
- Highest processing quality

32 cm
 50 cm
38 cm 
 58 cm
44 cm 
 68 cm
 57 cm
 88 cm


  • diameter: 57 cm (+)
  • diameter: 44 cm (+)
  • diameter: 38 cm (+)
  • diameter: 32 cm (+)


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Alu Planter Flair