Cycas revoluta in a plastic planter

Product no.: 21-226-195


The palmfern originates in South East Asia and is a dinosaur under the plants. As the colloquial name suggests, palmferns are a development of the ferns but fall short of reaching the evolutional stage of the palms.

New fronds develop in the way of the ferns. This means, rolled up shoots are formed which unroll while developing. Nevertheless they reach tree-size after a very long time. The Cycas revoluta is not only an evolutionary fossil, but the individual specimen can grow very old as well. Several hundred years are assumed normal. Their growth is extremely slow and 2 to 3 years may pass until a new wreath of leaves develops. This plant is optimal for indoor design of swimming halls, lobbies, etc.

In this particular combination with a dark plastic container, the Cycas revoluta constitutes a rich contrast to an environment of lighter color.

Height of the Plant:

80 cm to 100 cm

15 cm to 25 cm trunk


50 cm x 50 cm/ 95 cm high

Total Height:

155 cm to 165 cm


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Cycas revoluta in a plastic planter