Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated individually and vary depending on kind, volume and amount of your order. The plants require a carefully planned transport on account of their sensitivity. Unique trees will not be sent through Europe as parcels. Each order has to be planned and calculated individually.

Worldwide delivery costs cannot be listed in simple price categories. We are striving, to realize all deliveries within a range of
         5-15 %
of the product value.
For small orders, delivery cost can can amount up to
            25 %
of product value.

All shipping costs will be included in a binding offer, that we will send to you via email, after you have informed us of the place of delivery. Only after knowing the place of delivery will we be able to specify delivery costs.
Beside product value, seasonal delivery time, especially on the European single market, will determine the shipping costs. Here it may be feasible to combine several shipments of our shipping agencies.
Delivery dates can be announced after confirmation of an order. 95 % of our shipments will arrive on schedule. We have no influence, however, on weather conditions and traffic delays.
Up to a height of 230 cm, it is possible to transport trees upright on a truck. If this height is exceeded, it becomes necessary to lay them down. Accordingly, a larger loading area will be required.
Larger loading area = higher expenditure for transport
Overseas container can be loaded with trees and palms up to 12 m in height.

Complaints about delivered freight have to be made before unloading from respective means of transport! As of unloading, the customer is responsible for the products! BotanicGroup only takes responsibility up to the place of delivery – until unloading of freight!
Packaged hardware (except for plants) may be objected up to 24 hours after delivery.
Damaged goods are best documented by photo. Sent photos together with your objection to 
Quality management will attend to your problem and provide an adequate replacement.