Concrete planter poly "Rectangle LOUNGE"

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These planters made of polymer concrete give your architecture and design in outdoor areas a lasting validity.

Planters made of polymer concrete contain, in contrast to the usual concrete planters, an additional synthetic resin. By mixing these two materials, a planter with very high durability is created, for the perfect design of your green areas.

The fully frost-resistant polymer concrete is impermeable and therefore, does not absorb moisture. The material has a very high compressive strength and is therefore independent of external loads. The compressive strength of these planters is many times higher than that of concrete planters or fibre concrete planters.

These planters are therefore not subject to wear.

- High resistance to external loads is guaranteed with this material.

A planter ideally suited for the design of public spaces. These high-quality planters are manufactured for long-term use. The material is dyed-through so that the surface retains its colour even if it is severely damaged. Depending on the application, these planters can be designed for indoor or outdoor greening.

Just ask us by e-mail at, and you will receive an offer for your individual plant pot.

With these unique planters, exclusively at BotanicGroup, we would like to address garden designers, architects, urban planners and design-conscious clients who love the exclusive ambience. This plant pot is developed to be used permanently in professional object design. A plant pot that will give you pleasure for several years.

The following sizes are available:

Mod.1 LxWxH.: 100 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm Weight: 150 KG

colours: white, concrete grey, anthracite


Concrete planter poly Rectangle LOUNGE
Concrete planter poly Rectangle LOUNGE
Concrete planter poly Rectangle LOUNGE
Concrete planter poly Rectangle LOUNGE

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