FSC Wood vessel with construction

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This is the ideal design for your potted plants during the planting season - wooden planters made of high-quality hardwood.
This planter made of high-quality Bagassa hardwood from the tropics makes your design valid for outdoor use.

The high quality hardwood planter is made of 16 mm high quality wooden planks.

The wood species Bagassa or also Tatajuba belongs to the still little known but most common woods in the forests of the Amazon. Bagassa is a massive and technically high-quality wood, which can be assigned to a wide range of applications with higher stresses because of these characteristics.

The hardwood is grown according to the FSC guidelines. For this planter, tropical wood of quality class 1 is used.

The Forest Stewardship Council, FSC for short, is an international non-profit organisation that created, operates and further develops the first system for the certification of sustainable forestry. At the same time, the term "FSC" is also used as a synonym for the certification system or seal of approval with which wood products are labelled as products from forestry operations certified according to FSC criteria. The FSC system for the certification of forestry was established to ensure the sustainable use of forests, which includes maintaining and also improving the economic, ecological and social functions of forestry operations. For this purpose, the FSC developed a general and transnationally uniform standard consisting of 10 principles and indicators, which can only be applied on a national level if they are made more concrete through signs.

This is a plant container made of indestructible material with warm radiation.

If you have individual wishes regarding the size, we can also make you an offer for a custom-made product.

Just ask us by e-mail at info@botanicgroup. You will then receive an offer for your planter.

With these unique planters, exclusively available at BotanicGroup, we would like to address garden designers, architects, urban planners and design-conscious clients who love the exclusive ambience.

We have developed this planter for professional object design - a planter that will give you pleasure for several years.

Model 1-4 without feet
Model 5-8 with feet

The following sizes are available:




ModelSize OutsideconstructionWoodWeight
Numberin mmin mmin mmin kg
1750 x 400 x 420 600 x 180016
21360 x 400 x 420 1200 x 180016
32660 x 400 x 4201200 x 180016
43960 x 400 x 420 1200 x 180016
5750 x 500 x 500600 x 180016
61360 x 500 x 500 1200 x 180016
72660 x 500 x 500 1200 x 180016
83960 x 500 x 500 1200 x 180016
FSC Wood vessel with construction
FSC Wood vessel with construction
FSC Wood vessel with construction

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