Ilex crenata Bonsai - Macrobonsai

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The Ilex renata is a close relative of the holly. It differs in somewhat smaller leaves and height. In favorable locations the shrub can reach 3 m in height and even grow treelike. The gray-green grain of the shoots give a lovely picture. The long leathery, dark green leaves are as attractive as the black berries, which will appear after the rather plain blossoms. BotanicGroup offers Ilex crenata from top tree nurseries in Asia in exclusive shapes. It can be delivered up to a height of 6 m. Hardy

Size: 320 cm

Ilex crenata Bonsai - Macrobonsai
Ilex crenata Bonsai - Macrobonsai
Ilex crenata Bonsai - Macrobonsai

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