Ilex crenata kimne Bonsai

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The Ilex crenata here when garden bonsai drawn is a narrow relative of the holly. However, it is different the growth height from it through a little smaller leaves and. In good positions the bush can get up to three metres high and grow with pleasure in which these offer a very beautiful picture the grey-green, grained drives. The longish, leather-like, dark green leaves which are like the box-tree are at least but also just as attractive as the black berries which appear after the rather inconspicuous flower.

To reach this growth form at the Ilex crenata and get too received branches, back cut for branches and drives after a centuries old Asian tree school culture again and again. The frequency of cutting goes after the growth. Only once, some Ilex always get dependent on the growth of the plant in spring, others during the complete growth time up to autumn cut. The form cut of the Ilex is undertaken with much tact, eye and always only with really sharp scissors. This is important so that drives and primarily the leaves have absolutely slippery sections. If the cuts are carried out with blunt tool, the scarfing edges and also the drive tops discolour themselves unsightly brownishly. One should undertake the form cut after the main drive time. The leaves less old wood may not be cut into.

BotanicGroup offers the Ilex crenata in forms grown exclusively from top tree nurseries of Asia and height can be delivered in one of up to 6 metres.

The delivery of these plant, particularly big solitaires in certain sizes can last sometimes until 1st year since the plants must spend a certain time into quarantine before the import.

 Size: 230 cm - 260 cm

Ilex crenata kimne Bonsai
Ilex crenata kimne Bonsai
Ilex crenata kimne Bonsai

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