Water- bowl Cortensteel

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With this water bowl from high-quality Cortensteel you form your undeveloped outskirt areas and inside areas even more vividly.

On terraces, in inner courtyards, in the lobby or in big rooms, this water bowl allows to your creativity free space.

This qualitatively demandingly processed water bowl is made out of 3 mm high-quality Corten-steel metal.

The material Cortenstahl plays a trump here with his longevity and corrosion resistance. Therefore this water bowl can be used as a fire bowl.

5-year manufacturer's guarantee
Numberin mmin mmin kg
1Ø600 x H140310
2Ø800 x H210314
3Ø1000 x H210321
4Ø1200 x H210329
5Ø1500 x H330370
Water- bowl Cortensteel
Water- bowl Cortensteel
Water- bowl Cortensteel

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